To Our Readers Living Abroad




Dear Reader,

The latest developments in Lebanon further exacerbated the financial-economic turmoil that has been plaguing the country for quite some time. The Lebanese newspapers, which were already bearing the consequences of the turmoil, are now in a very difficult financial situation. The newspaper market has been affected, thus creating more complex conditions for the newspapers. ‘’Aztag’’ Daily Newspaper has also been deeply impacted. 

We kindly ask you to support our newspaper, especially during those critical times. ‘’Aztag’’ needs the contribution, financial support of each reader. Since the country is paralyzed and the banks are remaining closed, you can participate by sending your donations via Western Union or Money Gram. 

After the emergency state would be over and the banks would return to their normal activity, we plan to create an online direct donation system on the website of ‘’Aztag’’. In the meantime, we look forward to your participation through the suggested way. 

Every drop of financial support these days reduces the burden of the crisis facing our newspaper.

Kindly make your donations through Western Union, or Money Gram to the below address:

Hrayr Fermanian
Bourdj Hamoud, Lebanon
Tel +961 1 258526
+961 3 648916

In the countries where it is possible to make an online transfer, kindly visit the following websites:, or

At the same time, kindly send an email to [email protected] and inform us about the donated amount. 

To overcome the difficult economic conditions, we rely on the support of our readers.